LLC License Checklist Tips To Get Started

Before we get started, we think it’s  important to understand that an LLC is a type of business, not a license. Nonetheless, proper licensure is essential to forming your company as an LLC. 

  1. File Paperwork with Your State: Typically, this paperwork is known as articles of organization (certain states refer to it as the certificate of formation/organization). Filing this paperwork is often associated with a fee that varies by state.
  2. Licensure: In order to protect your LLC legally, it will need appropriate licenses and/or permits. Failing to do this could result in fines, temporary/permanent shut downs, and even losing your liability protection as an LLC altogether. It can get tricky in understanding what kind of licensing you need (this varies by state). General examples are (but are not limited to):
    • General Business License: Some states require you to have a general license to do any kind of business.
    • Professional License: Certain areas of practice (ie. medicine, law, engineering) will require valid licensure to operate legally.
    •  Employment: If you have employees, you will probably have to register for unemployment and worker’s compensation services.
    • Seller’s Permit: If you are selling goods, in order to collect sales tax, you will probably need this permit.
    • Health: If you are serving food, etc, you will probably need a health certificate. 

Again, depending on where your LLC is formed or your business is operating, there may be additional permits and/or registrations needed as well as taxes. It’s important you do research based on your state. The good news is, our experts are here to help you!

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